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Nainital Lake, a natural freshwater body, situated amidst the township of Nainital in Uttarakhand State of India, tectonic in origin, is kidney shaped or crescent shaped and has an outfall at the southeastern end. Nainital Lake, in the Nainital district called the Lake District of India, is one of the four Lakes of Kumaon hills; the other three lakes are the Sattal Lake, the Bhimtal Lake and the Naukuchiyatal Lake.


Historical records confirm that in 1839, Mr. P. Barron, from Rosa, an English business man in sugar trade, on a hunting expedition accidentally coming across the lake at Nainital was so captivated that he decided to build a European Colony on shores of the lake. The news magazine, the Englishman Calcutta, reported in 1841 discovery of this lake near Almora

Bharat Ratna Pt. Govind Ballabh Pant High Altitude Zoo Nainital is the only Zoo in the newly born state of Uttarakhand.It is situated in the hills of Sher ka Danda at about 2 km. from Tallital Bus station at an elevation of 2100 m. above mean sea level and connected by motorable road, where the Mountain quail was last seen in 1876.
The Zoo was established in 1984 and is spread over an area of 4.693 ha. The Zoo was opened to visitors on 1st June 1995 and is managed by "The Bharat Ratna Pandit Govind Ballabh Pant High Altitude Zoo Management Society Nainital" from 1st March 2002.Bharat Ratna Pt. G.B. Pant High Altitude Nainital Zoo was established with the objective to conserve and protect the wild life and biodiversity of the hill region of Uttarakhand.
Nainital marks a specific and important place in the international tourism map. This is a favorite visiting place for tourist, student and children. It has established its identity in the field of education, research and as a tourist spot. Nainital zoo is kept completely polythene free according to the demand of present time.

Naina Devi Temple

The temple is located on top of the Naina hill at the northern shore of Naini lake in Nainital, Uttrakhand. The presiding deity of the temple is Maa Naina Devi represented by two Netras or eyes. Nainital is one of the 64 Shaktipeeths also known as religious sites of Hinduism.
In the ancient days of history when Sati, the wife of Lord Shiva, unable to bear the insult when her father King Daksha refused to invite Sati and Lord Shiva for a yajna, burnt herself to death. Devastated and grief-stricken, when Lord Shiva was returning to their abode with her body in His arms, Her body parts fell on various places on earth. The temple of Naina Devi is built on the spot where the eyes (naina) of the Goddess are assumed to have fallen, when Lord Shiva carried her body.
An ancient temple is believed to have been built in the 15th century A.D. which was reconstructed in 1883. There is a lake 167 yards wide and 93 feet deep behind the temple. The gate to the temple is marked by a gigantic Peepal tree to the left. On the right, there are idols of Lord Hanumana and Lord Ganesha. Inside the temple there are three deities Mata Kali Devi, Maa Naina Devi and Lord Ganesha. Every year, since 1918-19, on Bhadrapad Shukla Ashtami, statue immersion ceremony similar to that celebrated in Maharashtra and in West Bengal is done here.

Naina Peak

Naina peak is the highest peak of the town , at an altitude of 2611 mts. and at a distance of 6 Kms from the town. It commands an entrancing view of sparkling snow laden Himalayas from Bandar Punch in west to Api and Nari peaks of Nepal in the east , a full Himalayan range in one side and a birds eye view of the lake city of Nainital in its full grandeur on the other. With a pair of binoculars a good panorama of the tract surrounding Nainital is obtained . Pony or Horses can be hired to visit this peak either from Snow view or from Mallital.

Naina Peak:- An altitude of 2,615 m (8,579 ft).The highest peak of Nainital provides a challenge to the most avid trekkers.Situated about 6 kms(4 miles)from Mallital.Naina Peak is known for its splendid Bird's eye view of the town, the Himalayas and also the vast expanses of the Terai regions of Kumaon.
The road to Naina Peak leads to a pleasant forest of vibrant rhododendrons, soaring deodars and cypresses.Naina Peak offers inviting views of the surrounding landscape.Nature at its best is the right word to describe this magnificient peak. One can have 360 degree view of the snow-cloaked Himalayan peaks flanking the rolling vistas below.
Naina Peak is a quiet place from where the Nanda Devi peak and the mountains on the Tibet border can be viewed.It is a bliss for people who love walking.One can go for long walks, breath fresh air and enjoy the scenic beauty.If visiting here Do Not forget to take your own picnic basket because there is no place for eating here.You Can Visit This Place On Foot Or By Horse back.

Tiffin TOP

Tiffin Top also known as Dorothy's SeatThis terraced hill top (2,292m(7,520ft))on Ayarpatta hill is a 4 km (2.5mi) hike from the town centre and commands a nice view of the neighbouring country side.Dorothy's Seat is a stonework picnic perch on Tiffin Top built as a memorial to a British Army Officer's wife, Dorothy Kellet, by her husband Col J.P. Kellett DSO MC,City of London Regiment, and admirers after her death from septicaemia aboard a ship bound for England to be with her 4 children, Elizabeth, Joan, Barbara and Richard. She was buried at sea in The Red Sea in 1936.
Tiffin Top which meanes"Packed food consumed during the day"so visitors & tourists would trek to Tiffin top with packed lunch's and spend a quiet and peaceful picnic.Tiffin top is a short trek of about4 kms from Nainital and provides excellent view of the Himalayas and the Nainital town.
The road to this picnic spot crawls along the rugged hill side swaying this way & that, and than all in one breadth in hushed silence suddenly unfolds a canvas on which nature has painted this beautiful spot. Tiffin Top commands an excellent view of the Himalayas as well as the neighboring country side. Tiffin Top & Lands end can be covered at a stretch as both spots are side by side.Tiffin Top / Dorothy's Seat is a Picnic Spot A trip to Tiffin Top brings breath of fresh air and enjoyment of the scenic beauty. This hill top is a perfect spot for aspiring photographers as they can capture the picturesque view of the countryside. You Can Visit Tiffin-Dorothy's Seat On Foot By Or By Horseback .

Eco Cave Garden

The Eco Cave Garden is fast becoming a popular destination. Located in Sukhtal or Mallital as it is commonly known, on the Kaladungi road, it is a natural park maintained by the local administration.A network of inter-connected rocky caves and hanging gardens, it leads the visitor into a mysterious and ancient dream - world and gives the tourist an encapsulated glimpse of what the wilderness of the hill-region can offer-right in the easily approachable middle of civilization. Drive straight up to entrance, climb up a short flight of steps cut into the hill-side, and enter the cave-world of our prehistoric ancestors.
The Eco cave garden and musical fountain is about ONE kilometre away from the Mall Road and comprises of SIX small caves with the forms of tiger, panther, porcupine and so on. Walking down the Garden stretch, stumbling upon an underground cave that resembles wild forms and crawling ones way through them would definitely make for an exciting, fun-filled and informative trip for children and adults alike. The musical fountain, a first in Nainital, is a spectacle to watch as the evening descends. It operates through the months of May and June.
It is great place for children with lots of activities and fun on offer. The Tiger Cave is the easiest to get in and out.Then the Panther Cave where getting in and out gets harder.These were natural caves and some of the then were really to narrow and going down below is really difficult.Eco Cave garden is a latest entrant into the many attractions of Nainital. You can make your visit to Nainital a memorable one with a trip to these gardens wherein you can introduce your child to an eco-friendly life. Children can make this an informative trip learning all about ecosphere and taking a peek into an adventurous life. The garden has six caves and a musical fountain operating during the best season.The gardens have an excellent approach to getting kids interested in nature and take a liking to exploring things.Later, when you emerge back into the world of today, you can relax in the hilltop-garden, surrounded on all sides by the lush green hills, from where you can have an un-interrupted view of four peaks that stands as sentinels over this beautiful resort town. Aesthetically designed to give you a glimpse of the hill-culture of this region.But the best is reserved for the evening, when the audio-visual treat of the musical-fountain, the first of its kind in Uttarakhand modeled after Disneyland in Florida U.S.A awaits you.

Aries Observatory

OBSERVATORY-Aryabhatta Research Institute of Observational Sciences (ARIES)-ARIES-Aryabhatta Research Institute of Observational Sciences is only4.5km from Nainital. Situated at an altitude of (1951 MT). Observatory is basically a place of astronomical studies. Public is shown round some of the instruments during working days at afternoons. For night viewing three four days on moonlight nights are fixed andpermissionis needed.
Establishment of ARIES Nainital-Observatory Nainital was established at Nainital in1955and shifted to present location of Manora Peak in 1961.The clear skies over Nainital prompted the government to setup an observatory here. The Nainital observatory hasone of themost advance telescopes in whole India.Aryabhatta Research Institute of Observational Sciences (ARIES)is an autonomous institute devoted to research and development in Astronomy & Astrophysics and Atmospheric Sciences. The Institute is funded by the Department of Science and Technology (DST), Government of India.The primary objective of the observatory has been to develop facilities for modern astrophysical research in stellar, solar & theoretical branches of astrophysics.

Visiting Nainital ARIES -

With prior permission, visitors can get access to the observatory and also experience the pleasure of viewing celestial objects through the telescope, provided the nights are clear enough. With the help of this telescope the movement of stars, planets and other heavenly bodies can be calculated to great precision.You Can Visit Aryabhatta Research Institute of Observational Sciences On Foot Or By Taxi.

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